The Montribloud castle dates back to 1299

The Château de Montribloud is a former castle in the commune of Saint-André-de-Corcy in the Ain département of France, 30 minutes by car from Lyon. It was later transformed into a Renaissance château.

The first proven historical mention of Montribloud dates back to 1299. In 1313, Hugues Brun, canon of Lyon Cathedral, directed his heirs to build a monastery there. In fact, Humbert V, lord of Thoire-Villars, built a castle on a mound during the 1320s. On 21 February 1334, Humbert V paid homage to the Dauphin du Viennois for the “donjon” (keep) of Montribloud. Later, his son Humbert VI, did the same Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy in 1355, following the joining of Dauphiné to France.

The castle is constructed of brick, typical of the Dombes area.

Private property. The château is normally closed to the public. During European Heritage Days, the Bodin family open the château to visitors.

Address: 01390 Saint-André-de-Corcy, France

GPS coordinates: 45°55′01″N 4°54′52″E

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