The Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs celebrates Carers Rights Day

photo: Govern

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, celebrated Carers Rights Day for the first time in Andorra (Pyrenees), as a sign of recognition to all people, both professionals and family members, who provide care and support for the elderly, those with disabilities or in a situation of dependence.

Throughout the morning, different workshops were held focusing on the figure and the tasks of the carer, and were aimed at the groups concerned: professionals and relatives. The workshop for care professionals was led by Clarisa Ramos Feijóo, a social worker, professor at the University of Alicante (Spain), and delegate of the Pilares Foundation for Personal Autonomy in the Valencian Community. Forty people attended. The workshop for family caregivers was given by Alicia Suria, a social worker and manager of the Cuidamos Contigo program of the Pilares Foundation in Alicante. Twenty-five families participated in the workshop.

Today, a collaboration agreement has also been signed with the Pilares Foundation for Personal Autonomy. The signature was given by the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Interior, Xavier Espot Zamora, and the president of this foundation, Pilar Rodríguez.

Through this agreement, the guide “Care, take care and feel good” has been published. This publication is part of the objectives of the Law on Social Services. One of the groups covered by this law is people who are in a situation of dependence i.e. those who require care from their relatives and professionals to carry out the activities of their daily lives.

This guide gives the necessary tools to take into account the development of the tasks of a caregiver and the attention that should be paid to caregivers. 1000 copies have been published and the guide can also be consulted in digital version on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior.

In the framework of the celebration of caregiver’s day, this evening, the conference “The Day of the Caregiver” was also organized by the president of the Pilares for Personal Autonomy Foundation, Pilar Rodríguez. The event also included the participation of Minister Xavier Espot, and the president of the Federation of the Elderly of Andorra, Simó Duró.

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