The Ministry of Health has activated the appropriate protocols for mumps cases

The Ministry of Health has activated the appropriate protocols for mumps cases

The Ministry of Health of Andorra (Pyrenees) has observed an increased number of cases since mid-December 2019. Since December 12, the Area for Health Promotion, Prevention and Surveillance has recorded a total of 46 suspected cases of mumps, with laboratory result for 42 (91.3%). Of these, 41 are positive (97.6%). The cases are mainly men (52.2%), with an average age of 28 (minimum 18 and maximum 49 years old). Of the 46 suspected cases, 35 (76.1%) reported being well vaccinated, in 22 (47.8%) the vaccination was verified with more than one dose. The situation is similar in neighbouring countries, where there has also been an increase in recent years and the reporting of various outbreaks among young people, mainly university students.

The Department of Health Promotion, Prevention and Surveillance is conducting epidemiological research, monitoring and applying measures to control the situation, as established by the protocol. The emphasis is on:

• Isolation of the symptomatic person for up to 5-7 days from the onset of parotid inflammation.

• Review of the vaccine status, that is the triple viral vaccine, of all persons who have not passed the disease and have been in contact with an infected person, the administration of a dose of the triple viral vaccine where appropriate.

Symptom surveillance in people who have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case during the days before the onset of symptoms.

Likewise, the message of extreme hygiene measures is strengthened to prevent transmission by saliva: wash your hands thoroughly, do not share glasses, cutlery or other utensils that may be contaminated, etc. Mumps (epidemic parotitis) is a contagious viral disease that is characterized by inflammation of one or more salivary glands, usually the parotids. This inflammation is often associated with fever and pain in the inflamed area.

This is usually a benign, self-limited condition, but there can be complications at times, especially in adults. The most common complications are inflammation of the testicles in males and ovaries in females. This virus is exclusively human and is transmitted from person to person through the saliva of infected people or from items contaminated with these secretions.

The prevention of this disease is through vaccination.

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