The Meteorological Service of Catalonia announces snowfall in the Pyrenees

The Meteorological Service of CataloniaSpain, announces heavy snowfall from Friday noon until Saturday. Civil Protection recommends caution when traveling.

Civil Protection of the Generalitat has activated the alert of the NEUCAT based on the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) forecasts of heavy snowfall from this Friday noon until Saturday noon, in the central and western Pyrenees.

The depth of snow could exceed 10 centimeters at 800m a. s. l. in the affected counties. Initially, the snowfall is expected at around 1,000 meters and during the afternoon, it will drop rapidly to 600 meters. Above 2,000 meters, more than 50 cm of new snow is expected over this period. Strong winds will cause blowing snow and snowdrifts.

Civil Protection of the Generalitat de Catalonia recommends the citizens that need to move around the affected areas, to regularly check the weather forecasts and check traffic incidents before leaving home. Vehicles must be prepared for the snow, with chains, a blanket, a flashlight and a cell phone with a charged battery in case of emergency. The main recommendation is to avoid travel in snow-affected areas, if possible.

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