The memorandum of understanding between Andorra and USA was prolonged. The memorandum stipulates educational grants and abroad internship grants for students

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, Gilbert Saboya Sunyé, and the USA Ambassador to Andorra, James Costos, prolonged the memorandum of understanding between two countries. The memorandum stipulates educational grants and abroad internship grants for students.

According to the memorandum, students from Andorra will be enabled to do the masters and postgraduate degree at higher education institutions in USA. Under terms of the memorandum, which has been effecting for 15 years, grants were received by 12 Andorran students. They continued their education in the fields of finances, international affairs, engineering and arts in USA. In return, 42 students from USA visited Andorra for work experience internship in English language teaching at Andorran schools during these 15 years.

The new period of memorandum validity is 5 years. «Andorra, as well as USA, share the opinion that freedom and equality of opportunities is groundwork for democratic society. Along with talents reward and human rights defense» – said Gilbert Saboya Sunyé. «Strengthening of cultural relationships between our countries is current and important» – added James Costos. The memorandum also applies to teachers: they are able to upgrade their qualification;  and also to citizens of Andorra who want to get the second bachelor’s degree.

The memorandum, which stipulates student exchange, is one of the documents being signed between countries. Among others is international security cooperation agreement and visa waiver program to USA for citizens of Andorra.

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