The Magic Formula behind the success of Silicon Valley conference takes place Thursday, 7th November

Thursday, 7th November at 19h in the Crèdit Andorrà Centre, Andorra la Vella. Please confirm your assistance before November 6th at 888 888. Also check if it’s in English or Catalan.

The Magic Formula behind the success of Silicon Valley. Crèdit Andorrà is pleased to invite you to the conference by Mar Hershenson. Since its creation, 65 years ago, Silicon Valley has become the eighteenth economy of the planet with almost one billion dollars of world GDP. It holds 40% of the venture capital, two thirds of the technology multimillionaires and 50% of the technological OPV of 2018.

In Silicon Valley, every year, a student from the University of Stanford creates a multimillionaire company, and every ten years there is a major technological disruption. Although we cannot predict the future with certainty, smart money, a concept that defines investment accompanied by advice, will be behind the next referring company that is born in Silicon Valley.

Why is Silicon Valley so special? Can it be replicated? What will happen in the next twenty years? Mar Hershenson will give some practical ideas on how to create a company and when it would be possible to make the jump to Silicon Valley. The Speaker: Mar Hershenson, co-founder and managing partner of Pear VC, a fund from Palo Alto that invests in recently-created companies.

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