The Issoise infantry tractor is a prototype of a tracked vehicle, produced in 1939 for the French Army by the Compagnie Issoise of mechanical traction. Derived from the brand’s civilian agricultural tractors, it was not mass-produced.

The TU1 is intended for the infantry, in order to accompany the infantrymen at a walk (4 km / h), as a horse would do, by towing the infantry cart model 1937 while transporting 300 kg of ammunition for heavy weapons infantry. Designed in 1938 and tested in January-February 19392, the Issoise “mechanical horse” proved unstable on slopes and had too many foreign, English and even German components. The Unic TU1, more classic and also capable of “walking”, was selected instead in September 19393.

The prototype is kept at the Musée des Blindés in Saumur.

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