The International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona)

The International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona)

The International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona) is a private university based in Barcelona created in 1997 and recognized by the Parliament of Catalonia by Law 11/1997, of October 1. It is part of the Xarxa Vives d’Universitats. It has two campuses, one in Barcelona and the other in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

At the moment it counts on 4,660 students of degree and postgraduate and 520 professors. In 2018, 61.63% of college students were women.

Its ideology is based on the Christian humanism and offers pastoral attention to its Service of Chaplaincy, in charge of the Prelature of the Opus Dei.

Faculties and schools

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. It offers the degree in Business Administration and Management, the double degrees in ADE + Engineering in Industrial Organization (with the Politecnica di Torino), ADE + Law and ADE + Humanities. In all courses you can also study in English. It also has master’s degrees and continuing education courses. The faculty is closely connected to the business world with more than 300 internship agreements and two company chairs: the Chair of Mission Management and Corporate Governance and the Chair of Public Economics: Health and Education Policy Evaluation. The dean is Dra. Marta Mas.

Faculty of Communication Sciences. The faculty teaches the degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations as well as the double international degrees in Journalism + Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations + Mass Communication with concentration in Public Relations, taught together with the IONA College (NY). As well as masters, postgraduate and other continuing education activities. The teaching staff of the faculty comes in most cases from the professional field of communication: media, agencies, producers, etc. As for the facilities, the faculty has a fully equipped television set and radio studio. The dean is Dr. Alfonso Méndiz.

Faculty of Law. It offers the degree in Law, the two double degrees in Business Administration + Law, Humanities + Law, as well as double degrees in Law + International Studies and Law + Political Science, which it teaches together with IONA College (NY). It also offers continuing education, master’s and postgraduate programs. In all cases, theory and practice complement each other, with sessions given by law firms and the main professional associations linked to the legal field. The faculty has a courtroom where students can recognize and practice ‘in situ’ the actual procedure of a trial. The dean is Pilar Fernández Bozal.

Faculty of Education. It offers degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, which can also be taken in bilingual mode. It also offers double degrees in Early Childhood Education + Primary Education and in Primary Education + Humanities. Master’s and postgraduate degrees and continuing education are also available. The subjects are taught using different methodologies and activities, through the different areas. They work with different methodologies and tools such as robotics, gamification or new technologies that are used to work on mathematics, languages, nutrition and sustainability. The faculty has an agreement with the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya that gives access to 2,100 accredited centers (public and subsidized) for students to do undergraduate internships. It has also signed many agreements with national and international private centers. The faculty offers the possibility of doing service learning internships in hospital classrooms or work camps in developing countries. The dean is Dra. Esther Jimenez.

Faculty of Humanities. It offers the degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies as well as the double degrees in Primary Education + Humanities, Humanities + Law and Humanities + ADE. In the field of postgraduate training, the faculty offers the Master’s Degree in Cultural Management. The Faculty of Humanities plays an important role within the university with the transversal subjects of Socio-Political Thought and Ethics, which are taught in all degrees. In the field of research he has the scientific journal Revista d’Humanitats. The dean is Dra. Judith Urbano.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It is located on the Sant Cuhat Campus and teaches Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing, together with the corresponding offer of master’s, postgraduate and continuing education courses. The faculty shares space with the General Hospital of Catalonia. The student is in a hospital environment, which facilitates daily interaction with health professionals and encourages the exchange of experiences. The dean is Dr. Albert Balaguer.

Faculty of Dentistry. The degree in Dentistry at UIC Barcelona ranks 151-200 globally and nationally in third place, according to the Xangal Ranking. Students complement their academic training with practical preparation at the University Clinic of Dentistry which has 88 boxes through which more than 600 patients pass daily, as well as the Dental Preclinical Laboratory. The faculty is connected to the business world with two business chairs: MIS Implant Design Research Chair and the Klockner Implant System Chair. The dean is Dr. Lluís Giner.

School of Architecture, founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1996, was the first private school of architecture in Barcelona and is currently an international benchmark in quality teaching in the field of education in this discipline. The school offers the degree in Architecture, the Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture, the Master’s Degree in International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture (official) and the Postgraduate Degree in Accessibility and Design. The School is committed to the training of architects at the service of society and is the only school of architecture in Spain that has compulsory subjects of Cooperation, Sustainability and Accessibility. At the beginning of each year, students take part in the Vertical Workshop, an intensive project workshop, made up of teams of students from second to fifth year. For a week the students all work together building proposals on a topic of social interest. Also throughout the course, the Forums take place, a series of lectures given by guest professors of national and international prestige, to generate current issues, reflections and debates. In terms of facilities: Laser Cutting, CNC Milling and 3D printing. The School is connected to the business world with two business chairs: the hARQware Home Chair, and the Industrial Building and Environment Chair. Its director is Dr. Josep Lluís Ginovart.

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