The International Club of Andorra has a new Clubhouse

The secretary of the International Club John Pinnell speaks about the new Clubhouse:

The International Club was founded over 25 years ago but had never had a Clubhouse of its own until this summer of 2017. For a number of years the owners of the Hotel Paris-Londres in Escaldes let the Club use the hotel for its weekly coffee morning and various regular activity group meetings – and for its Annual General Meeting. Then some years ago the hotel closed and was converted into luxury apartments. The Club then tried various locations for its weekly coffee morning before settling at the luxurious Andorra Park Hotel bar, while other groups used the Rutllan Hotel in la Massana and the Hotel Coma in Ordino.

Two years ago a member of the Board worked up a proposal for looking for a Clubhouse – a long term objective perhaps for buying a facility (no easy task given Andorra property prices) and a shorter term one of finding somewhere to rent. This spring our President talked extensively to a local acquaintance who just happened to have some suitable space lying empty in his Giberga apartment and pool complex at Aldosa, just outside La Massana. The space had been designed to be a disco – and looked and felt like that. It was definitely dark and needed a really thorough scrub as well.

Now we have a Clubhouse. It is light (changing all the light fittings and bulbs helped inside and just using it in daytime showed how much light came through quite big windows). It is comfortable (a large set of sofas we were able to buy only slightly used helps there). It is suitable for our indoor activity groups (we have a supply of bridge tables and chairs and can set up almost any meeting using those). It has a big solid bar (with a good supply of tea and coffee and beer and wines and spirits and soft drinks at really affordable prices). It has newspapers, a really large wall mounted TV, wifi, an audio system…

We are open for members every morning through lunchtime and on various afternoons for bridge. Friday evening after bridge is a “full house” as members gather to have a drink or two before dinner. We have a thriving monthly quiz night. We host special groups and private parties. We have a home.

So – of you are thinking of coming to Andorra, think of us, come and join us at our Clubhouse at then Giberga complex in Aldosa, get to know lots of different people who have decided over the years to make Andorra their home.

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