The industrial heritage of the “Iron Route in the Pyrenees”

The industrial heritage of the “Iron Route in the Pyrenees“. This itinerant exhibition shows the special aspects of the various cultural resources that make up the Iron Route in the Pyrenees which runs from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea.

During the event, the digital guide of the Madriu-Perafita-ClarorAndorra (Pyrenees) Itinerary will be presented. In order to show the diversity of the route which runs the full length of the Pyrenees. and to publicize the Iron resources that unite the Atlantic to the Med, the exhibition has been organized in five parts: the industrial heritage and the cultural routes, the transformation of the iron, the metal work, mines and cultural landscapes.

Since last July, the exhibition has travelled to Catalonia (Spain), Aquitaine (France) and the Basque Country. In Andorra, the exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition of pieces from the Cultural Heritage fund that illustrate the work of the forgers and the blacksmiths from the production of the dirty metal to the final object.

The exhibition is a transnational project generated within the framework of the 2018 programme: European Year of Cultural Heritage, and was presented for the first time at the Iron Fair of Alins on July 6th and 7th, 2018.

Until Sunday, 2nd June at l’Era de Casa Rossell, Ordino – Iron Route.

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