The green Morgan 4/4 2 seater Cabriolet from 2008

The green Morgan 4/4 2 seater Cabriolet from 2008, 1798 cc, 123 HP, max. speed 180 km/h

The Morgan 4/4 is a British motor car which was produced by the Morgan Motor Company from 1936 to 2019. It was Morgan’s first car with four wheels, the name indicating that the model has four wheels and four cylinders (earlier Morgans had been three-wheelers, typically with V-twin engines).

Early publicity and advertising material variously referred to the model as “4/4”, “4-4”, “Four Four” and similar names, but from the outset the factory designation was always “4/4”.

Apart from a break during World War II (and the period March 1951 to September 1955) the 4/4 has been in continuous production from its debut to the present day.

Engine capacity has increased from the 1,122 cc Coventry Climax engine in 1936 to a 1.8-litre Ford engine in 2004, although it is currently back down to 1,595 cc.

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