The government of Andorra reported on the closure of the plant “Aigua del Pirineu SL” for bottling water in Arinsal

Aigua del Pirineu SLThe government of Andorra reported on the closure of the plant for bottling water in Arinsal and ordered to remove from store shelves all containers with this water urgently. Manufacturer and supplier of the water is “Aigua del Pirineu SL”.

As was explained on a press-conferences by the Minister of health of Andorra Carles Àlvarez, after receiving the official results of the analyses carried out in water bottled in this factory, practically in all samples a virus called “Norovirus” was detected. 

The analysis was conducted in the Central laboratory of Andorra. In cooperation with the Department of health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the collected samples were also rechecked in the laboratory of Girona – detection of the virus was confirmed.

As reported the head of Department on control over quality of foodstuff of the Ministry of health of Andorra Galindo Jesús, the first notification from the Catalan authorities about a possible outbreak of gastroenteritis due to the consumption of water bottled in the factory in Arinsal was received on 15th Apri.

Detected particles of virus has refuted the former theory that contaminated water was the cause of the leak of sewage.

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