The Government of Andorra announed the issue of bonds for the sum of more than 100 mln euro

The Minister for Finances of Andorra (Pyrenees) Jordi Cinca announced the emission of new bonds for the sum of 100 mln euro. The deadline of filing the applications for bond purchasing (in any bank of Andorra) is December 1. The period of circulation is 18 months up to June 3, 2016.

It should be recalled that the previous bond placement was successfully finished in October 2014: the demand has overtaken supply by 15 mln euro. The bonds were issued for the sum of 85 mln euro.

As the Minister for Finances puts it, the state debt will be separated into 2 parts: 50 mln euro each. Thus, the bonds might be purchased by both natural persons and public companies (in particular Andorra Telecom has already expressed its interest in the bonds).

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