The French Viratelle 3HP from 1919, one cylinder, 350 cc, 80 km/h 

Marcel Viratelle, born July 28, 1877 in Mondreville (Seine-et-Marne) and died July 19, 1954 in Clichy, was an inventor and builder of motor bicycles (BMA), motorcycles, sidecars and cyclecars.

He made vehicles between 1906 and 1924 in Paris then Lyon-Villeurbanne.

These motorcycles were revolutionary for the time: liquid cooling, an integrated preselection gearbox, chain transmission, front suspension are already present on the 1906 models, from 1918 the production models have the following characteristics: Single cylinder 350 cm3 or 700 cc twin-cylinder aluminum engine block with side valves, liquid-cooled thermosiphon (coolant passes through the frame terminations), radiator cooled by a fan driven by the crankshaft, epicyclic gearbox with 3-speed preselection controlled from the handlebars, automatic lubrication, chain transmission under aluminum casing, control cables concealed in the branches of the handlebars, front suspension with leaf springs, rider suspension by saddle and footrest, double independent rear drum brakes, quick-release wheels.

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