The French SNCF electric locomotive 1.5 KV BB 9291 Capitole from 1964 (200 km/h).

The SNCF Class BB 9200 1500 V DC electric locomotives were built by Jeumont-Schneider/CEM between 1958-1964. 92 of them were built and 20 remain.

Jeumont-Schneider was formed in 1964 through a merger of FACEJ (Forges et Ateliers de Construction Electriques de Jeumont) and Matériel Electrique S-W (Schneider-Westinghouse).

The company had activities in electric motors and other power electrical equipment, industrial controls and automation, hydraulic pumps, and included equipment for the nuclear industry.

In 1986 the company divested its loss making railway traction activities to Alstom. The group’s telephony business, unsuccessful in comparison to Matra, was sold to Bosch in 1988.

In 1992 the activities of Jeumont-Schneider Industrie relating to nuclear power were taken over by Framatome. Other activities of the group: Jeumont Schneider Industrie and the division Jeumont-Schneider Automation went into joint management by Framatome and Alstom-Alcatel; the division were renamed Jeumont Industrie and Jeumont Automation.

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