The French La Buire 8 CV Type Course from 1905

The French La Buire 8 CV Type Course from 1905, four cylinders, three speeds.

La Buire was a French manufacturer of automobiles. The Société de l’Horme et de la Buire was founded in Lyon in 1847 and initially manufactured chassis for railroad cars. In 1900 he started building automobiles together with Léon Serpollet. The brand name was La Buire. The company was renamed several times: in 1904 as Chantiers de la Buire, in 1905 as Société des Automobiles de la Buire and in 1910 as Société Nouvelle de la Buire Automobiles.

At the beginning of 1910, when Michel Berthier was technical director, the brand name Berthier was used for a short time. Production ended in 1930.

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