The First international humanitarian summit organized by the UN takes place on May 23-24 in Istanbul

The First international humanitarian summit


The First international humanitarian summit organized by the United Nations takes place on May 23-24 in Istanbul.

The summit involves the Secretary of state for justice of Andorra (Pyrenees) Eva Descarrega, as well as the Ambassador of Andorra to the UNO Elisenda Vives.

The main speaker at the summit was the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The event aims to exchange views on issues of the resolution of humanitarian crises, including natural disasters, political conflicts, and the situation with Syrian refugees.

“International humanitarian summit is a unique opportunity to send a message of solidarity and support for the 125 million people who live in crisis conditions”, said in his speech Ban Ki-moon. He also stressed the need for closer cooperation in the humanitarian sphere and called for cooperation with the global policy to guarantee all people a safe life.

7 sessions in the format of round tables are expected in the framework of the summit. The delegation of Andorra will take part in the sessions devoted to conflict prevention, climate change, crisis management, as well as in three special sessions dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities in humanitarian activity.

During the visit members of the delegation of Andorra will also participate in the event organized by the organization “Red cross” and in the debates initiated by the government of Liechtenstein on the activities of the Security Council against genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

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