The exhibition of Javier Balmaceda “Migration route, landscape features” has been opened in Andorra

The exhibition of Javier Balmaceda "Migration route, landscape features" has been opened in Andorra

Javier Balmaseda’s exhibition “Migration route, landscape features” (‘La ruta migratòria, una singularitat paisatgística’) has been opened in Andorra. The exhibition arrived at the Artalroc government showroom from Barcelona’s museum “Museu Terracota de la Bisbal”.

The exhibition will be held from September 24th to October 8th.

The artist from Cuba was inspired to create his work by his country and childhood memories of thousands of crabs migrating to the sea each year in his native Cienfuegos, crossing and blocking roads.

The work is a large artistic space that reproduces a piece of road 10 meters long and 4 meters wide, which is filled with more than 2,400 black ceramic crabs stacked on top of each other. Each crab is made by hand.
It took about 5 months of work for the artist.

After Andorra, the work will go to Paris, and then return back to Andorra, where it will remain.

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