The European Union believes that drone parcel delivery could be a reality by 2035

CataloniaSpain is known for its tourist-friendly beaches and over 200km of coastline. Now, one of these summer hotspots has become a drone airport. The Castelldefels beach, just south of Barcelona, became home to several drone operations.

The goal is to study how to use these flying objects for delivering parcels in Catalonia and around the world, but also to increase the trust of civilians with these objects flying above their heads.

To make sure people accept this delivery method, it will be necessary to reduce the visual and acoustic impact of drones. Some measures could include setting restricted areas, a minimum flight height, or specific timeframes.

Several drones fly at the same time, showcasing the future of packages transportation. At Castelldefels, eight drones from four different companies simulate the continued air traffic 10 metres above the ground that these drones could produce in the future.

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