The El Grado reservoir

The El Grado reservoir (Embalse de El Grado) is located in the vicinity of the Huesca municipality of El Grado, Aragon, Spain, downstream from the Mediano reservoir.

The construction of the dam was completed in 1969, damming the waters of the Cinca River next to the town of El Grado.

It is a gravity dam that occupies an area of 1,273 hectares, reservoir with a maximum capacity of 400 Hm³.

This is where the Cinca canal originates, which is part of the Alto Aragón irrigation system, and its waters are also used for the generation of hydroelectric energy. It is primarily intended to irrigate the lands of the area, and secondly rise to the production of electrical energy.

The El Grado reservoir is managed by the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE).

In this enclave, various tests of the underwater orientation modality are traditionally held, organized by the Aragonese Federation of Underwater Activities (FARAS).

This reservoir is also one of the places where the underwater maneuvers of the Amphibious Activities Section (SAA) and the Pontoneros Regiment located in Monzalbarba (Zaragoza) have been carried out for decades.

GPS coordinates: 42°09′51″N 0°13′58″E

How to get to?

From Huesca 1 hr 4 min (76.1 km) via A-22

From Zaragoza 1 hr 50 min (152 km) via E-7/A-23

From Madrid 4 hr 53 min (468 km) via A-2

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