The Costa de Almería and its best resorts

The Costa de Almería is a coastal region of Spain consisting of the coastal municipalities of the province of Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.

The region extends 217 kilometres and includes 13 municipalities, from San Juan De Los Terreros on the border with the community of Murcia to Adra on the border with the province of Granada.

It is situated between the Costa Cálida (Region of Murcia) and the Costa Tropical (Province of Granada).

Main tourist destinations:

San Juan De Los Terreros







Roquetas de Mar

The highlight of this coast is its contrasts, along with extensive sandy beaches, small coves, arid deserts, green oases, plantations and lush forests, great mountain ranges, great plains.

Another feature is its clear and bright sky. Almería enjoys more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. Its climate is subtropical, Mediterranean, warm and dry. The average annual temperature is 18 / 19º C, and that of its waters in winter is warmer than that of the air, making it an optimal destination throughout the year.

Thanks to this climate and its exceptional landscapes, Almería has become an important stage for film production. The “Westerns” by Sergio Leone, or movies like “Indiana Jones”, “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Last Crusade” by Steven Spielberg are some examples.

On the Costa de Almería there are still numerous unspoiled and lonely beaches, almost unexplored territories with very little population concentration. Only a few springs have been developed for tourism with great success due to the quality of the environment and its services.

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