The conference on the “Andorra Brand: how to improve country’s assessment” took place in Andorra

brand andorraThe conference on the “Andorra Brand: how to improve country’s assessment” with the participation of the President of Commission, Pere Augé took place in Andorra. The commission was established at the Confederation of Andorran Businesses’ (Confederació Empresarial Andorrana).

At the conference, it was noted that during the last months CEA conducted a first survey on the perception of their country by Andorran citizens. In conclusion, the Principality has an image of a low-cost tourist destination with a competitive tax regime. Among the strengths, the favorable ecology, safety and all opportunities for winter´s and summer´s sport were especially noted.

Now CEA is working on the processing of personal data on the weaknesses and strengths of Andorra in collaboration with chambers of commerce, professional associations and other foreign organizations. With a new survey, the Commission is now trying to detect how the others citizens see Andorra.

“The CEA, fully aware of the major changes that have occurred in Andorra, has been working to raise awareness on the competitiveness of the new economic and fiscal model of this great little European country. The main project is based on redefining the Andorra Brand, which first stage consisted in launching a national survey to define a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of what the Andorran public thought about its country. On the basis of the results of this first survey, a second one has been launched, this time at an international level aiming to retrieve the opinion of people around the world, who have some knowledge of our country, says Pere Augé.

With the question: “And you, how do you see Andorra?” a questionnaire is launched in four languages, which is quick and easy to answer and is directed towards people from around the world. Through the CEA website, you will find the links to easily access the questionnaire in four languages ( Andorra needs to know what people around the world think and all opinions are welcome.

This work on redefining the Andorra Brand, despite having started as a private initiative is open to everyone, from whatever sector, and also of course to the general public, with whom ACTUA has already established a partnership.

Andorra began the process of transforming its economic model in 2011 with the liberalization of foreign investment and the creation of an internationally approved fiscal framework, as a result of which we have had a first wave of foreign investors and new residents have contributed up to 3.8% of the GDP of the country, between 2012 and 2016. But the volume of investment has not yet been significant enough to have a decisive role in the economic revival of the country. Therefore, a second stage has begun in search of big investors, major projects, the arrival of large international retail firms, who will be seduced by the opportunity that Andorra can represent for them.

In order to make this stage successful, work is focused on the development of a global, transversal and modern Andorra Brand, that projects outwards a country reputation that makes it attractive at many levels, with the virtues that Andorrans know, but which are largely ignored beyond our borders. This new country brand, with all of the messages, content, information and attitudes that will show the world its public agencies, private organizations, means of communication and its citizens, will promote snow and mountain tourism, shopping, culture but also all of the new sectors that are being developed such as the fields of technology, medical, education and many others that can contribute to the diversification and strengthening of the economy of a country that may well be the best kept secret in Europe.

Therefore, we need your help more than ever! So, I encourage all the national and international readers to participate in the survey and help us show all of the wonders of this fascinating country that deserves to be better known and which we invite you to discover”.

The questionnaire is available until the beginning of May”.


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