The Colomers Castle declared a cultural asset of national interest

The Colomers Castle (cat. el Castell de Colomers) is a building of the municipality of Colomers (Baix Empordà), Girona province, CataloniaSpain. Declared a cultural asset of national interest.


The building currently occupied by the Town Hall of Colomers is attached to the apse of the church. It is a large, irregular, two-story house with a tiled roof. The façade, of almost symmetrical composition, on the ground floor, which is elevated with respect to the level of the square, has a doorway with a semicircular arch with large stone voussoirs that leads to a corridor. Inside there are the access doors to the Town Hall (left) and the Ágraria Chamber and other services (right). The façade is completed with several lined openings, two on the ground floor and three on the first floor, all framed with solid stone ashlars.


It seems that the Town Hall building, known as “The Castle”, occupies part of the site of the ancient monastic dependencies of the abbots of Amer, lords of the area. The structure of the current building is dated around 18th century, although it has some remains from the Gothic period.


42° 05′ 03″ N, 2° 59′ 15″ E


«Castell de Colomers». Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya. Direcció General del Patrimoni Cultural de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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