The Central House of the Russian Army

The Central House of the Russian Army named after M.V. Frunze (TsDRA) is a federal state budgetary institution, the main cultural and leisure center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

It was founded by decision of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR in 1927 and opened on February 23, 1928. Located at Moscow, Suvorovskaya Square, 2, in front of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army. Central Armed Forces Museum is situated 300 m to the north.

The ensemble of buildings of the Central House of Arts (the main building, the southern and northern wings, the front yard with a fence and Catherine’s Park) is an architectural monument from the second half of the 18th century. The central part of the main building was erected in 1779.

In connection with the relocation of the Catherine Institute here, in 1802-1807 the building was redesigned. A ten-column portico raised on the arcade was attached to the central facade. The lateral sinking axes of the building were enlarged, and the end parts were combined with the existing extensions with a simple facade. In 1818-1827, the architects Domenico Gilardi and Afanasy Grigoriev significantly expanded the former mansion, adding new volumes to the end planes of the house. In 1918-1928 the building was restored according to the project of Sergei Toropov.

Nearest metro: Dostoevskaya

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