The celebration of Sant Antoni in Catalonia

About 9,000 servings of escudella were handed out to the townspeople who gathered today in the main square of La Seu d’Urgell (Catalonia, Spain, Pyrenees).

Despite the rain that has been falling all morning in the city, many people have been queuing since mid-morning to be able to taste and take home this typical winter food.

Almost 3,000 kg of food was used for its preparation this year, including vegetables, legumes, pork and beef, which, as usual, were cooked in five large cauldrons in the middle of the promenade since early morning.

The events of this Sant Antoni festivity have been presided over by the Mayor of La Seu d’Urgell, Francesc Viaplana, the Deputy Mayor of La Seu d’Urgell, Jordi Fàbrega, among other guests.

The day of Sant Antoni began at 12 noon with the solemn mass in the cathedral of Santa Maria d’Urgell, where the traditional blessing and distribution of the Bread took place.

Photo: Radio la Seu

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