The Castries castle – “Little Versailles of Languedoc”

The Castries castle (fr. Château de Castries) located 15 km east of Montpellier, Castries got its name from an ancient roman castrum built on the Via Domitia.

The estate has belonged to the House of Castries since 1465. In 1565, Jacques de Castries undertook the building of a new château. The garden was formed by André Le Nôtre in 1666. The aqueduct, to water the garden, was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet.

From the main courtyard, you have access to the large terraces offering a superb view of the star-shaped alleys, the pools and a landscape of vineyards.

Listed as a historic monument in 1966, it is adorned with a French garden designed by Louis XIV’s gardener, André Le Nôtre.

Today the castle is property of the city of Castries. The castle is closed to the public. The park opens in summer.

Now under reconstruction.

Coordinates: 43°40′38.43″N 3°59′12.95″E

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