The castle of Orgaz built in the 14th century

The castle of Orgaz or castle of the counts of Orgaz is a castle located in the municipality of Orgaz, east of the province of Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain).

It is a Late Medieval Castle built in the 14th century by order of Alvar Pérez de Guzmán, Lord of Orgaz, on another building from the 12th century, and renovated in the 15th century. Although the essence of the castle is Military, its status as a Residential Castle is highlighted in its interior. During the reign of Pedro I of Castile it was ceded by him to Martín Fernández. It was the residence of the Ruiz de Toledo and the Pérez de Guzmán, lords of Orgaz. During the community uprising, it was used by the residents of the town, their supporters, as a refuge, being set on fire by the troops of Carlos I.

The plan of the castle is rectangular. Its keep is quadrangular and measures 20 meters high and the semicircular apse of its inner chapel protrudes from the outer wall. Instead of towers, its corners are protected by scaraguaites of ashlars with modillions and loopholes, crowned with merlons, with battlements or very narrow holes. In the center of the north facade there are also modillions and loopholes.

Address: C. Prado de Lucas, 2B, 45450 Orgaz, Toledo, Spain

How to get to?

From Toledo 26 min (33.8 km) via N-401

GPS coordinates: 39°38′52″N 3°52′40″O

Working days

Friday 1–2PM

Saturday 11:30AM–12:30PM,  1–2PM, 4:30–5:30PM

Sunday 11:30AM–12:30PM,  1–2PM

Monday 1–2PM

Tuesday 1–2PM

Wednesday 1–2PM

Thursday 1–2PM

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