The castle of Barcience dates back to the XV century

The castle of Barcience is a castle located in the municipality of Barcience, in the province of Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). The castle rises on a hill from which it dominates the town of Barcience. Access to the castle is via a track next to the cemetery that runs through a small pine forest.

Barcience was a fortified area and from the 11th and 12th centuries. In the 13th century it passed into the hands of the Order of Santiago and was ceded by its grand master, Enrique IV of Castile, to Alfonso Tenorio, head of the Silva family, counts of Cifuentes since 1454. They built the castle in the XV century. The construction of the castle was started by Juan de Silva and his grandson Juan de Silva was the one who finished it. In the 16th century it was provided with artillery and garrison.

The castle of Barcience is almost square in plan. Its square-shaped keep tower stands out. An enormous rampant lion is engraved on its outer wall, which is the emblem of the Silva family, counts of Cifuentes.

At the back angles are two cylindrical towers. In the front part, the keep is on one side and a larger rectangular tower on the other.

The interior of the castle is completely destroyed, although there is evidence of the existence of two floors and the walkways that run along the walls from one tower to another.

It must have had a moat and a barrier, of which only two cubes remain that protected the entrance door to the enclosure.

How to get to?

From Toledo 24 min (25.1 km) via A-40

GPS coordinates: 39°59′23″N 4°13′47″W

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