The Carmen Thyssen museum Andorra is one of the finalists for the Europe Prize for Best Museum of the Year

The Carmen Thyssen Museum Andorra (MCTA) participated in the final of the competition for the best European Museum of the Year, which is organized by the European Museum Forum and took place from May 8th to 13th. The event was held in Warsaw, and 40 museums that are less than three years old and value innovation, human relationships and new technologies took part in the contest were different aspects of each museum were evaluated.

The award, granted by the Council of Europe, gives an award to the best new museum in European. The artistic director and curator of the museum, Guillermo Cervera, along with 39 other institutions, presented the different characteristics and the strengths of the MCTA by giving a presentation at a colloquium. Among the finalists, there were also prestigious entities such as the Archaeological Museum of Thebes and the National Gallery of Ireland.

When the museum presented its candidacy in 2017 and was selected as one of the 40 finalists, a representative from UNESCO came to the museum to assess the technical and formal aspects, as well as the services offered by the art gallery.

According to experts, the Carmen Thyssen Museum of Andorra stands out for its commitment to innovation, varying activities and its proactiveness technologically, dynamically and culturally. The promotion of activities beyond the exhibition room, such as painting workshops and recreational activities such as escape rooms, are also original elements of the Andorran museum.

On the other hand, the importance of the social aspects of the museum, the specialized in guided visits for all types of public and the activities that bring people closer to Art are important.

The organizers of the contest said that the Carmen Thyssen Museum Andorra “plays a very important role in the cultural and tourist ambit ” of the country and praised its innovative role in the technological field and the variety of activities.

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