The butterfly

The butterfly

butterflyOnce upon a time, on the shore of a magic sea there lived a kind storyteller who told fairytales better than anyone. Every morning he went out to the seashore and waited, looking at the sea, at the horizon where the light blue sea embraced the azure sky. At night, looking at the colorful sky covered with a myriad of bright stars, his lonely soul cried: ”Where are you?” But in reply, he only heard silence and the stars flickered sadly.

One sunny morning he heard the light rustle of wings and saw a lovely butterfly, soaring in front of his eyes.

– How do you do, magician? For such a long time I’ve been flying from my northern country towards the sun. I’m so tired. Could I have a short rest from the cold in the warmth of your heart?

How could he refuse? The only thing he knew for sure that “everything comes into our life for a reason, for something good.”

So the magician gave his consent. And to simplify their communication he changed the butterfly into a pretty girl.
Then he decided to show her the shore. He took her for a walk along the sea coast, where fairy flowers were growing. But the butterfly’s reaction was unexpected. ”Bah! I’ve just been to a country where the flowers are much more beautiful!”

Then the magician showed her some curious inventions, some fairy toys that had a pleasant sound. But the butterfly’s reaction was the same. ” Bah! How ugly they are and their sound is so creaky!”

Afterwards, the magician showed her some unusual orange flowers which reminded him of parrots, but the butterfly gave him a bewildered look, saying ”Are you crazy? Those flowers are the most ordinary ones and don’t look like parrots at all!”

The magician was silent. The butterfly was his guest and he couldn’t criticize her point of view and prove anything to her. He only could stay silently by her side. Then a thought came to his mind ”Maybe, I must be thankful to her. The wonderful butterfly, like a teacher, has come to teach me to be patient and to teach me a new lesson. In life, we are constantly learning.”

During his long life, the magician had learnt to take people for who they are. But this time he was a bit sad. Why was that so?

The world we live in is so wonderful! You must only look around and see: there is a place for beautiful things everywhere.

The next day he woke up incredibly early and the butterfly wasn’t there. The storyteller went out to the seashore to admire the azure sunrise and the morning breeze told him that at night the full moon had risen and returned the butterfly to her original form. Then, suddenly, the wind of change had come and carried her far away.

There was nothing to do! If something isn’t yours, it will never become yours. Let this butterfly be happy and find her own coast and her heart!

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