F.E.S.A №1 steam locomotive by British Hunslet Engine Company from 1890

The Hunslet Engine Company is a locomotive-building company, founded in 1864 in Hunslet, England. It manufactured steam locomotives for over 100 years and currently manufactures diesel shunting locomotives. The company is part of Ed Murray & Sons.

The company was founded in 1864 at Jack Lane in Hunslet by John Towlerton Leather, a civil engineering contractor, who appointed James Campbell (son of Alexander Campbell, a Leeds engineer) as his works manager.

The first engine was completed in 1865. It was Linden, a standard gauge 0-6-0ST delivered to Brassey and Ballard, a railway civil engineering contractor as were several of the firm’s early customers. Other customers included collieries. This basic standard gauge shunting and short haul “industrial” engine was to be the main-stay of Hunslet production for many years.

Since 2004 the Hunslet Steam Co. is part of the LH Group. The company is involved in new-build steam locomotives (including two Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST locomotives), boiler making and locomotive maintenance.

This locomotive served the Valencia railways (Tortosa – La Cava line) until 1929, Spain. F.E.S.A (Ferrocarilles Economicos, SA)


Model: 2-2-0 T

Power: 146 HP

Max. speed: 40 km/h

Cylinders: 2

Longitude: 7.6 m

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