The bridge across the Ship Fairway

The bridge across the Ship Fairway is a metal cable-stayed road bridge across the Ship Fairway (Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland) in St. Petersburg, part of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter (3SD) intracity toll highway.

Built in 2013-2016. This is a toll bridge; walking and cycling is prohibited on the bridge.

The operation of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter until 2042 within the framework of a 30-year concession is carried out by Northern Capital Highway LLC.

A feature of the bridge are pylons inclined from the vertical at an angle of 12° towards the central span, which, according to the authors of the project, symbolizes the wings of drawbridges in St. Petersburg.

Due to its dimensions, the bridge acts as an architectural dominant of the southern part of the sea facade of St. Petersburg.

In 2019, at the Russian competition “Aluminum in Architecture 2019”, the bridge project was awarded a Diploma in the nomination “The best architectural solution for new construction projects”.

Bridge length – 620 m
Length of central span – 320 m
Bridge undercelarance – 35 m

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