The Belgique Sarolea 350 Sport Type 25 H from 1925, one cylinder, 349 cc, 12 HP, 120 km/h

Saroléa was an historic Belgian manufacturer, initially of bicycles from 1892 followed by motorcycles, ending production in 1963. The name was acquired and used by a new business from 2008.

Saroléa was the first Belgian producer of motorcycles, and one of the first producers of motorcycles in the world. This Belgian factory was established in 1850 as a weapons factory by Joseph Saroléa. In 1892 bicycle production started.

Joseph died in 1894 and under the management of his sons the company grew larger. In the 1920s, the firm became successfully involved with long distance runs, reliability trials and hill climbs. From 1927 on, the company made its own gearboxes and early in 1929 the factory was extended to some 6000m2. Nearly all components of the bikes were made in-house now and the production capacity grew to 50 machines per day. Later in 1929 a production facility was commissioned which brought the production capacity to 75 machines per day.

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