The Anichkov Bridge and its horse sculptures

The Anichkov Bridge is the oldest and most famous bridge across the Fontanka River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The current bridge, built in 1841-42 and reconstructed in 1906-08, combines a simple form with some spectacular decorations. As well as its four famous horse sculptures (1849–50), the bridge has some of the most celebrated ornate iron railings in Saint Petersburg.

The bridge is famous for the sculptural groups “The Taming of the Horse by Man”, created by the sculptor P. K. Klodt and which became one of the symbols of the city. Despite its small size, the Anichkov Bridge is one of the main structures of the architectural ensemble of Nevsky Prospekt. In 2001, it was included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of Russia of federal significance, is under state protection.

The first wooden bridge was built in 1716. During the 18th century, the bridge was repeatedly rebuilt in wood. In 1784-1785, a three-span stone bridge with towers was built according to the standard design of bridges across the Fontanka river. In 1841, according to the project of engineers I.F. Buttats and A.H. Reder, the existing arched three-span bridge was built. The bridge was overhauled in 1906-1908 and 2007-2008.

The bridge is designed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The carriageway of the bridge includes 8 traffic lanes (4 in each direction).

Number of spans 3
Main span 12.6 m
Overall length 54.6 m
Bridge width 37.9 m

The Palace of Beloselsky-Belozersky and the Literary house is located news the bridge.

Nearest metro: Gostiny Dvor

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