The Andorran government will organise a free training for trade workers for improving a customer service quality

The Andorran government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Andorra (Cambra de Comerç, Indústria i Serveis d’Andorra) will organise the first training for trade workers. This event is a part of Andorran tourism sector’s development. The training will begin on 28 th May and will finish on 18 June.

The purpose of the event is to improve a customer service quality and trade development of Andorra.

Duration of the course is 34 hours.

The first course is an experimental one, therefore it is free (the Andorran government will finance it from its own budjet, the costs is about 4000 euros).

The course will includ several parts: a basic knowledge of customers psychology, customer service and working with international clients (in French).

The course also provides practical lessons on the design of sale points.

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