Agel Castle (fr. châteaux D’Agel) is a medieval castle in the center of the Languedoc region with a long history stretching back before the Cathar period.

Château d’Agel is an ancient fortress dating from the early 17th century, transformed in the 16th and 17th centuries. This listed building is located in the village of Agel, between Narbonne and Béziers, in the Hérault department in OccitaniaFrance.

It lies in the Minervois region.

The oldest part of the present chateau dates from the 12th century. It is one of a line of fortified castles built by vassals of the Count of Toulouse and used to resist the Albigensian crusaders in the 13th century.

Coordinates: 43.338 N 2.852E

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