The French Teste et Moret “Fly” Vis-a-Vis from 1902

The French Teste et Moret “Fly” (La Mouche) Vis-a-Vis from 1902, one cylinder motor by De Dion-Bouton, 25 km/h.

Teste et Moret was a French company that also manufactured automobiles for a few years. There is also the company name A. Teste, Moret & Cie.

Anatole Teste (1821–1887) founded the Teste et Compagnie company in Lyon-Vaise in 1843 for the production of various things: cables, sewing needles, frames for sun and umbrellas and steel pipes. In 1868 it became Teste Père et fils together with his son Auguste Teste. In 1885 the collaboration with Jules Moret began and the name was changed to Teste et Moret. In 1890 600 workers were employed.

Automobile production began in 1898 and ended in 1903. After the Second World War, the company was integrated into the Tissmétal group.

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