The Terraíndia-Rocaviva is a magic labyrinth of paths with hundreds of worked rocks

The Terraíndia-Rocaviva ( is a labyrinth of paths between Cerdanya and Alt Urgell (Catalonia, Spain), with hundreds of worked rocks. The labyrinth is designed by Climent Olm.

*You can visit Rocaviva only by appointment : +34 633587711

Ester Castilla, a member of the “International Ecopsychology Society”, and her two daughters reactivated the visitable half of the Rocaviva on the Alt Urgell side. The other, on the Cerdanya side, remains closed and abandoned.

Exploring Rocaviva, on-site or online, is an invitation to be present, embrace, practice and freely express your own essence, your own Magic and innate goodness.

A circle means the cycle of life, the eternal return. For better or worse, we are children of the past with all its ignorance, pain, violence, and wars. If we want to have a future, we must learn the lessons of the past. If we do not study them, we will repeat the mistakes made so far on a larger scale.

A visit is a form of active meditation-contemplation. Part with a guide to offer the necessary explanations and a free part so that everyone can go through the maze at their own pace … sit, meditate, contemplate the work … and enjoy the high mountain range.

The place is the perfect setting for many activities, such as painting freely on the reliefs and sculptures. The Rocaviva provides school chalks and a sprayer. It allows each person to display their creativity in an unprecedented way and save images of their work, together with the memory of an unprecedented experience.

Photos: Manel Montoro, Climent Olm.


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