Andorran government announced the tender for the construction of the new sports facility (highest in Europe) – administrative, scientific and residential complex Medicoesportiu Cramea

Medicoesportiu_ CrameaThe Government of Andorra has announced the beginning of preparations for the holding of a tender for the construction, operation and maintenance of the new sports facility administrative and residential complex Medicoesportiu Cramea.

The center will be designed for living and training of high-level athletes. In addition, the center will be engaged in scientific research activities. Some universities have already reported on their interest in the project.

The complex will be built on the basis of the old building of South Radio Andorra in Pas de la Casa, Andorra (Pyrenees)at the altitude of 2500 m. It will be the highest in Europe and third in the world of this kind. The complex is designed for simultaneous stay of 60 athletes. It is expected that all work will be completed in 2018.

Companies interested in participating in the project will be able to review all of the requirements of the tender, on 1 March 2016.

It is assumed that for the administration of the district of Encamp (on the territory of which the complex will be built) this project will be free of financial expenses. An agreement for total management of the facility will be signed for 40 years.

According to preliminary technical requirements, the sports centre will consist of research laboratories, training areas, relax areas and a separate living quarter with parkings.

The old building of South Radio Andorra is registered in the directory of the Ministry of culture of Andorra, and is included in the list of protected by government buildings. The architectural design of the building must meet all conditions of the Ministry of culture.

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