Telefónica Tech and 3M optimise hospital emergencies with AI

Telefónica Tech (Madrid) and 3M are launching in the market of Spain a pioneering technological solution with predictive capabilities, based on Artificial Intelligence, aimed at optimising the management and planning of Hospital Emergency Department (HED) resources and improving patient satisfaction.

The solution, which combines the technological capabilities of Telefónica Tech and 3M, offers a comprehensive view of HED operations so that healthcare professionals can identify areas for improvement and speed up data-driven decision-making. On the one hand, it integrates key service indicators (activity, occupancy, pathologies and procedures, among others) into 3M’s ‘Visor 360’ scorecard and, on the other, a module with advanced analytics that shows the prediction of daily ED visits a week in advance to improve waiting times and optimise the sizing of the service.

This solution is integrated into 3M’s 360 Encompass™ healthcare platform, which includes the most innovative tools for manual and semi-automated coding, diagnosis-related grouping (DRG) and information analysis, all geared towards value-based management and facilitating the healthcare professional’s work to help them focus on what really matters: the patient.

The solution also provides healthcare professionals and managers with Telefónica Tech’s AI Suite tool, a technological platform that simplifies the adoption of Artificial Intelligence for companies and enables the automation of processes through Machine Learning, to help the ED team develop their own analytical models.

The Hospital Emergency Analytics solution will enable weekly improvements in staff planning according to needs by providing a status of historical and daily activity, a prediction of the daily pressure of the service and a detailed analysis of demand and patients by typology. Thanks to this, the service coordination team will also be able to avoid delays in patient care due to staff shortages caused by unforeseen peaks in care and to plan possible referrals to other hospitals in the event of potential excess demand.

Carlos Martínez Miguel, director of solutions and services at Telefónica Tech, said: “This solution, developed by combining the differential capabilities of Telefónica Tech and 3M, allows emergency healthcare professionals to make better decisions, and can even predict future service needs thanks to the application of artificial intelligence, which will undoubtedly result in better patient care”.

Telefónica Tech has the necessary technologies in its portfolio to help the healthcare sector face its digital transformation and build a more resilient, efficient and sustainable model in the face of the growing demand for services demanded by an increasingly long-lived society. Telefónica Tech also has international experience and expertise, providing specific healthcare solutions to more than 42 National Health Service (NHS) centres and 26 other medical institutions in the UK.

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