Teatralniy proezd in Moscow

Teatralniy proezd (Theatre passage, 1961-1990 – part of Marx Avenue) – a street in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. It runs from Theatre Square to Lubyanka Square. The numbering of houses is carried out from the Theatre Square. Teatralniy proezd is crossed by the streets: on the left: Petrovka, Neglinnaya street, Rozhdestvenka; right: Tretyakovskiy proezd.

In 1961, Teatralniy Proezd, along with Okhotny Ryad and Mokhovaya streets, were merged into one street and renamed Marx Avenue in honor of Karl Marx. In 1990, the historical name was returned to the street.

Notable buildings

On the odd side:

No. 1, building 1 – Maly Theater (1820-1824, architects J. Bove, A. F. Elkinsky; restructuring – 1838-1840, architect K. A. Ton).

No. 3 – Profitable possessions of the Khludovs.

No. 3, p. 1 – Profitable house of the heirs of G. I. Khludov – Administrative building (1894-1896, architect L. N. Kekushev).

No. 3, p. 2 – Profitable house and Central baths of the Khludovs (1889, architect S. S. Eibushits, with the participation of architects M. A. Aladin and L. N. Kekushev, engineer A. F. Loleit).

No. 5, building 1 – the entire block between Rozhdestvenka and Lubyanskaya Square is occupied by the store building Detsky Mir Store (1955-1957, architects A. N. Dushkin, G. G. Akvilev, Yu. V. Vdovin, M. I. Trumpeter).

On the even side:

No. 2 – Hotel “Metropol“. Monument to the pioneer printer Ivan Fedorov (1909, sculptor S. M. Volnukhin, architect I. P. Mashkov)

No. 4 – Previously, this place was the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in the Fields, built in 1639. Rebuilt by architect D. F. Borisov in 1832. Destroyed in 1934. The foundations were unearthed and museumified in the early 2000s.

Nearest metro: Ohotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Lubyanka.

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