Team Peugeot/Totcar Sport won the final stage of G Series competition (ice rally) in Andorra


The final stage G Series competition (ice rally) was held in Andorra, at the autodrome of Pas de La Casa (Andorra Circuit) on 13th February. During the final stage two races took place: G Series 2016 G5 and G Series 2016 G6.

The event was hosted by the Automobile club of Andorra (Automobil club d’Andorra, ACA).

Due to weather conditions, there was more snow than ice on the track and it made the task for G Series drivers a bit easier.

Nil Solans, Peugeot – Tot Car Sport took the first position with 213 points, Carlos Ezpelet, Ford – MotoGP Team with 197 points was the second, Jan Solans, Peugeot/Totcar Sport – was third with 174 points.

GSeries 2016 final classification 
1-Nil Solans (Peugeot/Totcar Sport), 213 points
2-Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford/MotoGP Team), 197 points
3-Jan Solans (Peugeot/Totcar Sport), 174 points
4-Fernando Monje (Mitsubishi/PCR Sport), 149 points
5-José Roger (Citroën/MotoGP Team), 134 points
6-Ferran Monje (Mitsubishi/PCR Sport), 113 points
7-Manel Guiral (Peugeot/Med Competició-Crèdit Andorrà), 112 points
8-Alex Arroyo (Citroën/MotoGP Team), 108 points
9-Pepe López (Peugeot/MotoGP Team), 103 points
10-Gerard de la Casa (Mini/PCR Sport), 89 points


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