Tavascan – Gran Pallars net

Tavascan - Gran Pallars net

Tavaskan is another concept for ski resorts. The resort is ideal for a combination of alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. The natural environment (the territory of the Alt Pirineu Park) and minimal number of tourists are the visiting card of the resort.

The resort is located 10 kilometers from the city of Tavaskan, in the northern part of the Pallars Sobira district. Founded in 1991, it is located in Pleta del Prat (1,725 ​​meters) and its highest point is Coll de la Cima (2,250 meters).

The resort is surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Pyrenees such as Mont-Roig, Certascan and Ventolau, as well as numerous glacial lakes such as Nahorte, Certascan and Mariola.

In terms of skiing, Tavascan-Pleta del Prat has seven slopes (two for beginners). A 17 km long cross-country ski trail has also been created. In addition, the resort’s exceptional location and abundant natural rainfall allows it to function without the need for snow cannons.

But Tavascan Pleta del Prat is not limited to skiing. The resort is the best base camp for mountaineering and a good starting point for snowshoeing. There is also a great freeride area here.

The Pleta del Prat refugi hotel in the resort has rooms for fifty people and a bar.

Technical characteristics of the Tavaskan resort

Trails: 8 km
Highest point: 2250 m
Lowest point: 1750 m

Green slopes: 2
Blue slopes: 1
Red slopes: 2
Black runs: 2

Lifts: 1
Drag lifts: 2

Ski schools: 1
Bars and restaurants: 1

Snowpark: 1

Cross-country skiing trails: 17 km

+ 973 62 30 79

How to get there:

By highway from Andorra: N145, N260, C13.

By rail: the nearest FGC suburban train station is La Pobla de Segur (cat. La Pobla de Segur) – 45 km.

By bus: The nearest stop is Rialp.

By plane: the nearest airports are Lleida – Algaire (cat. Algaire) and Barcelona – El Prat (cat. El Prat).

Lleida Airport – Algaire (140 km)

Barcelona – El Prat (245 km)

Ski passes

Ski pass prices – Tavaskan

Price per person including VAT.

Packages valid for 2 days or more from Espot and Port Ainé will be valid for skiing in Domaine Skipallars ski resorts: Espot, Port Ainé and Tavascan *

Half day ski pass (from 13.00) Adult (15-64 years old) 29 euro
Child (7-14 years old / retired (65-69 years old) 22 euro
Skipass 1 day Adult 34 euro
Child / retired 26 euro
Child (less 6 years) 5 euro
Skipass 2 days Adult 65 euro
Child / retired 49 euro
Skipass 3 days Adult 91.5 euro
Child / retired 70.5 euro
Skipass 4 days Adult 116 euro
Child / retired 88 euro
Skipass 5 days Adult 145 euro
Child / retired 110 евро

Seasonal forfight (subscription) to Tavascan includes skiing on the slopes of the Skipallars zone (cat. Skypallars): Espot (cat. Espot), Port Aine and Tavascan (cat. Tavascan) and at the ski resorts “Tot Nordic” (cat. “Tot Nòrdic “). The pass also includes free travel on the mountain train-cremalieres to Mount Montserrat (cat. Сremallera de Montserrat) and Val de Nuria (cat. Vall de Núrica) until November 1. You can also take a skipass for one day to use the bases of La Molina (cat. La Molina), Val de Nuria and Walter 2000 (cat. Vallter 2000) with a 50% discount.

* Conditions for skiing at Tavaskan station: be sure to contact the box office of the Tavaskan base with a one or two days pass purchased in Port Aine or Espot, and ask for confirmation of the skipass for skiing at this particular base.

** Family Season Pass (cat. Forfet Temporada Familiar) at the bases of Espot and Port Aine: a discount is given when purchasing at least three passes at the same time for members of the same family: subscription formats Kid (cat. Menors) (up to 6 years old) and Veteran II (cat. Veterans II) (from 70 years old and on) are not taken into account when counting family members, other discounts are not applied to them. When buying a Family Season Pass to the Espot base, you can get the following discounts: starting with 3 and 4 family members, a 5% discount is applied to all family members, from 5 or more family members, a 10% discount is applied to all.

*** Walking Season Pass (cat. Forfet Temporada Passeig) to Tavaskan and Walking Pass 1 day (cat. Forfet 1 dia Passeig): for visitors only. Gives the right to access the Roni chair lift in Port Ain (cat. TC Roní) for one ascent and one descent, and in no case must be equipped for skiing or snowboarding. This subscription is purchased directly at the box office of the base, it is not sold online.

Special discount for the Free Pass (cat. Forfets de lliure elecció): you can choose any day of the  season. Subscriptions for 5 days are personalized and can only be used by the person for whom they were purchased. Subscriptions for 8 days – bearer, and anyone can use them. Restricted use: 1 subscription per day.

Special discounts for large families and families with one parent: valid for families with a large family card (cat. Carnet de Familia Nombrosa) (3 or more children) and / or with a family card with one parent (cat. Carnet de Familia Monoparental). When buying a subscription for 1 day, all family members will receive a 10% discount on the basic tariff for one day skipass (does not accumulate with other types of discounts). When buying Season Passes – the same prices as buying regular family passes. It is obligatory to present valid certificates issued by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (cat. Generalitat de Catalunya). Discounts apply to all family members after purchasing the first season ticket; all family members do not need to purchase skipass to receive an individual discount.

Special discount for a Pass with a Youth ID (cat. Forfet Carnet Jove): to get a discount when buying a day pass for people from 14 to 30 years old, you must show an official youth ID (cat. Carnet Jove). Valid for up to 30 years.

Special discount Student Pack (cat. Pack Estudiants): discount when purchasing 4 day passes upon presentation of a student card (cat. Carnet d’Estudiant) for each of 4 persons wishing to take advantage of the discount. Up to 30 years old.

Special Discount for Disabled Persons (cat. Discapacitats): 50% discount from the regular rate upon the obligatory presentation of a group disability certificate over 33% or the need to be accompanied.

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