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Free parking in Toulouse

The Toulouse City Hall renews the free parking, set up for the first time in 2007 (downtown and out of downtown) the first fifteen days of August.

In total, almost 15,000 places are free these days.

The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

Toulouse, the Pink City

Toulouse (fr. Toulouse) is a commune in the South-West of France, divided in half by the Garonne River and located near the border with Spain.

The violet culture development in the nineteenth century led to the fact that they chose this flower as the city’s emblem and the city itself earned its “pink city” name.

Toulouse has …

History of Europe with Alex Mostaslavski: Spain, France, Pyrenees

Languedoc’s history: Toulouse’s powerful county and the war with the Cathars

Languedoc’s peculiarities include the fact that its inhabitants managed to keep their language. French became the official language in France in 1539. Local dialects began to die out in all regions of the kingdom as a result. Languedoc’s inhabitants were the only ones who managed to preserve their language. About 8 million people speak Occitan …

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