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Duty free stores: Andorra

Duty free stores: Andorra

There are more than 500 stores today in Andorra. The main shopping streets of Andorra are Meritxell and Carlemany avenues where one can find major shopping malls, boutiques, jewelry, sports equipment stores and much more all within a short distance.

Perhaps duty-free trade is one of the reasons why Andorra, according …

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The Guide to good practices for events is published

The Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Silvia Calvó, informed the Council of Ministers about the dissemination of the “Guide to good practices for events”.

This publication includes guidelines regarding industrial safety and the environment with the aim of scheduling events, adapting them to current regulations and giving recommendations for international regulations.

The guide is a …

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Car rent: Andorra

Car rental Andorra

The best way to get from Barcelona to Andorra and for traveling around Andorra is to rent a car. That will assure a necessary level of mobility and will allow avoiding the problems related to waiting for a taxi. One may rent a car either in Spain or France (at the …