Our ski resort is a great place for freeride lovers, says the commercial director of the French ski resort Ax 3 Domaines, Jacques Murat Savassem

The commercial director of the ski resort Ax 3 Domaines – Ascou – Monts d’Olmes – Guzet, Jacques Murat Savasem, told all-andorra.com about the advantages of having a winter vacation in the Ariège-Pyrénées region of France:

“Ax 3 Domaines is a ski resort located in Ariege-Pyrenees, near the tiny French town of Ax-les-Thermes (about 60 km …

History of Europe with Alex Mostaslavski: Spain, France, Pyrenees

During the Catalan wars, Solsona never took the side of the Spanish crown but always lost

Solsona (cat. Solsona): in the times of the ancient Romans, this settlement was called Setelisis, then the Visigoths, like many other place names, added the suffix “- one” to it: this is how Celson appeared. The period of Saracens’ dominion, judging by the lack of historical evidence, passed unnoticed and lasted for a couple of …


The city of Puigcerdà has been famous for its fairs since 1182, in particular, its horse fairs which are famous throughout all Spain, says the mayor of Puigcerdà, Albert Piñeira i Brosel

The mayor of Puigcerdà, Albert Piñeira i Brosel, Vice-President of the legislative Assembly of Girona (la Diputació de Girona) and the party member Partit Europeu Demòcrata Català (Catalan liberal Pro-European nationalist party that supports the secession of Catalonia from Spain), told all-andorra.com about the city’s history, plans and major developments that are not related to …

Sports and living in the Pyrenees with Irina Rybalchenko

Hiking routes in the Pyrenees. Carlit massif. Pyrénées-Orientales, France. Terrain orientation course

Hiking routes in the Pyrenees with STAPS. Carlit massif. Pyrenees-Orientales, France. Terrain orientation course

Photo: Irina Rybalchenko

Carlit massif

The Bouillouses dam.

The hydro-electric company of Midi (SHEM, the first producer of hydroelectricity of the Pyrenees-Orientales) operates in cascade of 8 factories in the watershed of the river Têt and 1 other on the watershed of the Segre river. …