Castles and fortresses of Spain and France with Mathew Kristes

Fort Liberia, built by the French Marshal, Vauban, after the Catalonia Territory Partition between France and Spain by the Treaty of the Pyrenees

Fort Liberia (fr. Fort Libéria) is located in the city Villefranche-de-Conflent (France) in the Eastern Pyrenees department, at the confluence of the Têt and Сadi rivers.

The Fort was built by the French marshal, Vauban, after the Catalonia territory partition between France and Spain by the Treaty of the Pyrenees (year 1681) at the same time …

History of Europe with Alex Mostaslavski: Spain, France, Pyrenees

The history of the Pyrenees: сhronology of major facts

The history of the Pyrenees


The first documented human presence in the Pyrenees is found in Bauma Margineda (Andorra) dated to the Epipaleolithic period, the same place also documented the occupation during the Neolithic periods and the Bronze age.

The presence of Iberian tribes is cited in ancient sources: Bebrics in the central Pyrenees, Iacetans …

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Fairy tales are the best therapy, people forget about their everyday routine and start a magical journey with me, said Cédric Hoareau, a mountain guide and professional narrator

Cédric Hoareau is a mountain guide and professional narrator of the legends of the Catalan Pyrenees. He offers a unique service – organizing walking tours and hiking trails, regardless of the season, to places related to mysterious stories and legends. He tells these legends himself. This type of educational tourism is becoming increasingly popular among …