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Pork carpaccio with autumn fruits

Pork carpaccio with autumn fruits


5oo g of pork ham

Olive oil

Pear, apple, fig, pomegranate and other seasonal fruits

Fresh herbs, spices

White truffle (aestivum)

Salt and pepper


Small cherry tomatoes

Cooking method:

Slice the pork ham into very fine slivers and lay them out on foil. Put onto a plate and leave to chill in the fridge for no more than 3 …

Eat to live, live to eat: Carolina Kramer

What is Spanish jamon and prices

Jamon Iberico & Jamon serrano: Spanish ham. Prices in Andorra (updated: 16.10.2019)

Jamon is the most famous national dish of Spain, made from a pig’s leg. The true Spanish jamon, in accordance with tradition, is prepared and aged for up to 1 year. Preservatives in production are not used, therefore, hamon is considered a rather …