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Market basket and food cost: Spain VS Andorra

Food prices and consumer basket: Spain VS Andorra

(updated: 08.12.2019)

Water, milk, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits


Products/ Prices
Hacendado (Spain)
Eco/Marque Repère (Andorra)

Cooked ham

1,88€ (12 slices – 250g)

3,29€ (10 slices – 500g)(Eco)

Cheese Sandwich
1,00€ (200g)
1,75€ (300g) (Eco)

Olive oil
11,00€ (5L)

15,00€ (5L) (Coosur)


Orange juice
1,00€ (1L)
0,97€ (1L) (Marque …

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Eat to live, live to eat: Carolina Kramer

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