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Encamp Saturday market

Saturday, 10th August from 10h – 14h in the Plaça dels Arínsols, Encamp. Encamp Saturday market.

The Encamp Entrepreneurs Association (AEE) recommences their traditional market as a showcase for trade in the parish.

This initiative, which was launched in 2014 with the collaboration of the Comú d’Encamp, has had numerous auxiliary activities such as botifarrades (sausage barbeques) …

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Agents for sale and rent of Andorran real estate will be required to pass the proficiency test in Catalan

Agents for sale and rent of Andorra real estate will be required to pass the proficiency test in Catalan. It will be held on 29th June, 2018. The registration period: from February 22 to March 22.

Each candidate will have a maximum of three attempts.

The test will include questions related to the legal and administrative characteristics …

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Gilbert Saboya: upcoming association of Andorra and EU allows Andorra’s agricultural industry to export freely its products to neighboring countries

photo: govern

Andorran PM Antoni Marti met the representatives of the government of the principality in order to sum up the status of the negotiations on the conclusion of the agreement on the association of Andorra and EU. The meeting was attended, in particular, by the Foreign Minister of the Principality, Gilbert Saboya, who …

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New budget for 2017 to stimulate purchase of electric vehicles in Andorra has been presented today

Minister of Territorial Administration of Andorra Jordi Torres and Minister of the Environment and Agriculture Silvia Calvó presented a joint plan to stimulate purchase of electric vehicles in 2017. Budget for 2017 – 850,000 euros. The project was launched in 2016: 151 electric vehicle were bought. Today Andorra takes the 3d place in the world …